I graduated from North Carolina State University in December, 2017 with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and a Minor in Business Administration. During that time I took a plethora of computer science, business, and statistics courses while focusing on computer security courses for electives.  I also had the opportunity to activily engage in undergraduate security research with Alexandros Kapravelos.

Computer Science Courses Taken:

  • CSC 116 – Introduction to Java
  • CSC 216 – Programming Concepts in Java
  • CSC 226 – Discrete Mathematics
  • CSC 230 – C and Software Tools
  • CSC 236 – Computer Organization and Assembly Language
  • CSC 246 – Operating Systems
  • CSC 316 – Data Structures
  • CSC 333 – Automata, Grammars and Computability
  • CSC 326 – Software Engineering
  • CSC 474 – Network Security
  • CSC 495 – Software Security

Other Courses Taken:

  • Calculus I-III
  • Introduction to Business Processes
  • Financial Management
  • Micro and Macroeconomics
  • Intro to Statistics I & II
  • Introduction to Probability and Distribution Theory
  • Introduction to Statistical Inference and Regression
  • International Relations

Undergraduate Research – Browler:

Built out a scalable web crawler that could be run by real web browsers. Using Dockerized Squid and HAProxy load balanced containers, I wrote a chrome extension that crawls a website opening new windows while the requests and pages are recorded in the Squid cache for future use. The reason for the use of a real web browser is due to the recent trend of malware checking if it is being sandboxed before executing. This caused it appear to be a non-sandboxed web browser to the malware which will caused it to execute and allowing us to capture the malware in our caching server.
Research done under the advisement of Alexandros Kapravelos